• Hosting Overview

  • What is Web Hosting?

    Web Hosting consists of online storage space allocated on our web servers running specialised software for hosting your websites on the internet, features include control panel software to make your tasks easier, DNS services, App installers, Business and Personal email, Website & Store builders, Premium DNS & more*

  • Which Web Hosting Plan do I need?

    This depends on your Websites specific requirements, a personal website may run efficiently on the starter plan where as a very busy ecommerce website may need to be hosted on the Unlimited or Premier web hosting plans. For websites that require additional or dedicated software/features installed we recommend a VPS or Dedicated Server. If you need more help deciding please contact support.

  • Why should I choose Hosting The Internet?

    Hosting The Internet offers the highest standards in Web hosting from providing you with the best available tools for getting started to the highest security in place, your websites will run fast and efficiently and you will be able to expand easily. We always stride to improve our services and offer you the latest technology so you or your business never fall behind competition, all our storage space is SSD based giving you optimal hardware I/O and our servers are connected via high speed fiber lines giving fast speeds to your websites and apps. With a ever expanding platform, constant security and uptime monitoring you can be sure your sites are hosted in the right place.

    If you need help our customer services team are here to help.

  • How can I transfer my Hosting to you?

    Transferring your hosting to us is easy, If your website is hosted on cpanel servers you can complete the transfer in minutes by simply follow this easy guide, if you need help or advice contact support we will be more than happy to assist you.

  • hosting typeS

  • What is the difference between Web Hosting Plans and Website Builder plans?

    Web Hosting plans come with web space for you to create your website in many different ways from html, apps or to move your own previously made website to, these plans are suitable for blogs, forums, standard websites, WordPress, Joomla, Website builder plans also come with web space and a control panel to make setting up easy for you.

    Depending on your plan you can also host multiple Websites using the same plan.

  • What is the difference between the Website Builder Cart and the Dedi Commerce plans?

    Website builder Cart plans come with an easy website builder so anyone can build an e-commerce website easily, simply customize by dragging and dropping content, choose from templates and photos and accept payments by adding payment buttons such as PayPal express, Dedi Commerce plans come with a CMS shopping cart freshly installed for you to begin customizing, Dedi Commerce plans are suitable for more advance shopping website builds that require integrated shopping carts and further customization such as API setups.

  • What is the difference between Web Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting?

    Web Hosting, Website Builder and WordPress plans come with managed dedicated web space for your websites on web hosting servers, you can control them using a pre-installed control panel and come with all the features such as apps built in ready for you, VPS (Virtual Private Servers) are dedicated virtual machines with SSH access for you to install your own web server software onto, Dedicated servers are entire machines dedicated for your use they include the hardware and bandwidth allocated solely for the end user.

  • Benefits of getting online

  • How can a Website benefit my business?

    If you have not started your business yet, setting it up an online is very easy with Hosting The Internet, we offer both Domains and hosting plans for you to achieve your goals, this WILL give you a global audience where you can target specific or all regions, If you already have a business but not a website for it getting online would give you a massive revenue stream by enabling you to sell your products and services to more people, even if you do not want to sell your products online creating a website would help people who are unaware of your business and tourists locate your business.

  • My business only trades offline what is the benefits of having a Website?

    Creating a website for your offline business would enable you to advertise your business presence online so potential customers know about your business, you can explain on your website what it is your business does, if people are looking for a specific product or service you offer when they search online your website would appear helping you get new customers, you can list what your business offers and list your address so people can find your business easier, they could contact you via your new business email address to ask you questions about your products and services this can in return help boost your sales.

  • I have very limited skills can I still build a website? What about receiving Payments?

    From the novice user with no web programming skills to advanced computer programmers we have plans and services to suit everyone. Anyone can build a stunning website on our platform and Any business can start accepting payments online with a website they build on the platform using the tools we provide makes this achievable.

  • Domains Explained

  • Can I register a Domain with Hosting The Internet?

    Yes, simply search for the Domain you want if it is still available you can register it, if you know the extension you want you can do a specific search by including it such as .com, .eu or if you want to search multiple local and Global tlds simply select the ones you want to search from the 100s available. Our system will also recommend some domain names for you after you have searched a Domain name.

  • Can I transfer a Domain to Hosting The Internet?

    Yes simply follow the tutorials in the support center for domain transfers, then place your Domain transfer order, make sure you complete all authorization emails you get from your existing registrar and us. If you need help contact support.

  • What is DNS?

    Domain Name Servers (DNS) are like the Internet's lookup service, they tie domain names to IP addresses, our DNS servers are superfast and we offer all our customers Basic and Premium DNS services at no extra cost!

  • How do I update my Domain name details?

    If your Domain and hosting is with us you do not need to update these details, however if you need to edit these details you can do this via your account, to tie your Domain to different Name servers you can do this via the Domains tab, if you want to edit your DNS entries login to your web hosting account or if you are using Premium DNS on the platform you can edit entries via the Premium DNS section in your account. For further help please search the support center.

  • Email Hosting

  • What is Email Hosting?

    All emails are stored on web servers where DNS entries link a domains email to the web server ip address, this is so your emails are directed to the correct machine and received, you can then retrieve these emails via a Web interface or via your compatible devices such as your mobile or tab, All our web hosting plans come with Email included as standard, we also offer dedicated Business email plans.

  • Do I need a dedicated Email Hosting plan?

    All our Web hosting, WordPress, Joomla, shopping cart and Dedi commerce plans come with email as standard, if you do not want a web hosting plan (email only) or need additional email resources you can purchase a Business email plan from us.

  • What devices can I retrieve my Email on?

    All devices that support internet access, Laptop (Linux, Windows, Mac) , Desktop (Linux, Windows, Mac) , IPhone, IPad, Android devices such as mobiles and Tabs, Smart TVs to name a few.

  • Security

  • Is purchasing from Hosting The Internet Secure?

    Yes, we use the same security standards banks use such as SSL Certificates and are PCI compliant, when you purchase from us or login to your accounts to access services your communication to our servers are encrypted to keep your data private.

  • What are SSL Certificates?

    SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization's details, whilst encrypting all data transmitted to and from the web server. This process privatises the end users communiction and data to a website with SSL installed. SSL certificates activate the padlock in a users browser, EV Certificates activate the large green bar in the browser that contains the organisation name the SSL certificate has been issued to. This lets your end users know their communication to and from the web server your website is located on is private.

  • How do SSL certificates work?

    A brief overview of how SSL certificates work is as follows:

    The end user visits a Domain, the web server sends the end user a copy of its SSL certificate, inside it contains a public key and the domain owners information. The end users browser verifys the certificate details with a third party SSL Authority to validate the certificate. If everything is ok with the certificate the web server and end users browser start communicating using the encrytpion and the padlock appears, if everything is ok with no error messages in the end users browser the connection is now privatised, this entire process takes place very quickly and efficiently.

  • Benefits of using SSL Certificates

    SSL Certificates privatise the users communication with the web server by encrypting the data, In addition to encryption, a proper SSL certificate also provides authentication. This means you can be sure that you are sending information to the right server and not to a criminal’s server.

  • Will using SSL slow my website down?

    Although using a encrypted connection uses more resources and in the past this may have slowed down websites, with our new high specd servers this is no longer a issue.
    For Video performance It is recommended to serve video feeds over http instead of https

  • Which Brand SSL should I purchase?

    If you require a none public SSL such as to use on your VPS control panel, you can create a self signed one, however for a production area such as a shopping website or to keep your users login details secure you should purchase a third party authorised ssl certificate, we offer these SSL certificates which include Symantec and Comodo, each have their own benefits, you can see a comparison of all our SSL certificates and their features here

  • How do I order a SSL Certificate?

    Simply navigate to Security >> SSL and choose a SSL certificate you want to purchase, after placing your order follow the instructions you will receive in your account.

  • Who invented SSL Certificates?

    Netscape invented SSL to provide security for end user data transmission over the internet and intranet. The protocol was at first developed in 1994 and has since evolved and is still in extensive use as a security protocol today.

  • Who Authorises SSL Certificates?

    Certificate authorities (CAs) provide SSL certificates, these authorities include RapidSSL from Geotrust, Symantec, Comodo, GeoTrust.

  • What is a EV SSL Certificate?

    EV SSL is a SSL Certificate with extended validation that includes domain and business validation. It adds to the browser address bar a green bar that shows the highest SSL authentication over the web the green bar displays who the certificate was issued to (Usually Website/Business Owner).

  • What is a Wildcard SSL?

    A wildcard SSL certificates can be used with and to authorise multiple subdomains of and the actual Domain it is authorised for.